Thursday, 22 December 2016

A new birthing position?

When a call came in to castrate two unhanded gypsy cobs I was the only one in the practice who was free. The secretary asked whether this is something I would be happy to do, but was clearly prepared for me to say no. I said I was happy once the drugs were in the vein but may need help with that bit! A colleague was in the office and immediately offered to do them for me, but I am still feeling fairly able-bodied (bar a bit of hypoxia when bent double for too long) and so was keen to do them if it was workable with some help at the start (meaning they could continue with their calls that were already booked in). So before I knew it I had said colleague coming out to help knock them down, a student and a visiting vet (who is a good friend also) all coming out to lend a hand. You couldn't ask for better support than that! With the help of a discussion beforehand to get the owner to administer some Sedalin prior to our arrival, we managed to sedate and induce the ponies easily enough and the balls were satisfactorily removed. I discovered that the round rump of a gypsy cob also provides quite a nice rest position for a ever growing baby-bump... perhaps a new birthing position that doesn't require those ginormous inflatable balls?

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